Repayment Demand


This facility will allow you to demand repayments from your employees. The repayments are for any rorts you may have detected, by psychic or any other means, being undertaken by them. (Odds are that you will be correct in any case.) Only those employees who are the current bludgers and squatters infesting our parliament can be targetted.


  1. This facility can also be used on a mobile phone.
  2. At the moment it will only work if you have an email client installed on your PC or phone (ie, whichever one you're using to view this web page).
  3. Soon you will also be able to use it with web-based email.
  4. It will show your name as the sender of the email
  5. It will go to The Hon Alan Tudge MP, Minister for Human Services.
  6. Copies will also go to The Minister for Finance, Hon. Mathias Cormann MP, and the Prime Minister, Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP.


  1. Select the random politician, rort and amount you would like to request a repayment for.
  2. Click on (or touch) the button to create the email.
  3. You will then see a "View Email" link.
  4. Click on (or touch) the "View Email" link.
  5. This will start your email client and you will see an email containing all the details you have selected.
  6. Click on (or touch) the Send button on the email.
  7. Continue to repeat this process until you feel you can put up with Centrelink's bullshit for yet another day.